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[biginfobox color=”#000000″ textcolor=”#ffffff” title=”The Association Of Evangelical Schools In Lebanon” href=”” button_title=”Read More!”]was founded in the year 1997 under the supervision of the Supreme Council of the Evangelical Churches in Syria and Lebanon.[/biginfobox]


To touch the hearts and minds of thousands of school-age students, and teachers, with the Evangelical Message that they may, in turn, become living witnesses in their communities (homes, neighborhoods, colleges, universities, workplace …)


  1. Academic: Effective participation in the education field through the member schools in the Association;
  2. Visibility: Solid official representation of member Evangelical schools before the Lebanese Government;
  3. Organizational: Coordinate and unify the efforts of all member Evangelical Schools in Lebanon.
  4. Continuous capacity building for faculty and staff through regular educational events lectures, seminars, training workshops;