About Us

Association Of Evangelical Schools In Lebanon

The Association of Evangelical Schools in Lebanon was founded in the year 1997 under the supervision of the Supreme Council of the Evangelical Churches in Syria and Lebanon.
The Association comprises more than thirty schools, distributed
in different regions in Lebanon with more than 18,000 students.

Mission & Vision

To touch the hearts and minds of thousands of school-age students, and teachers, with the Evangelical Message that they may, in turn, become living witnesses in their communities (homes, neighborhoods, colleges, universities, workplace …)


  1. Academic : Effective participation in the education field through the member schools in the Association;
  2. Visibility: Solid official representation of member Evangelical schools before the Lebanese Government;
  3. Organizational: Coordinate and unify the efforts of all member Evangelical Schools in Lebanon.
  4. Continuous capacity building for faculty and staff through regular educational events lectures, seminars, training workshops;

Who We Are

Members of the Executive Committee and Friends of AESL

Rev. Raffi Messerlian


Rev. Levon Maksoudian


Dr. Nabil Costa

General Secretary

Dr. Jamal Bitar

Vice President

Dr. Georges Rahbani