On February 2, 2018 the Association of Evangelical Schools In Lebanon (AESL) held a lunch gathering at the Phoenicia Hotel in honor of the CEO of the Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) Mr. Hayf Bannayan, and his colleague Mr. Abdelmajeed Shamlawi; and to express its appreciation for their willingness to travel to explain about the QRTA and the opportunities it offers to teachers from all over the Arab world, especially the Teacher Skills Forum.


Guests included members of the Executive Committee of the AESL, as well as dignitaries such as Mr. Fady Yarak ( Director General of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education), Rev. Najla Kassab, Father Boutros Azar (Secretary General of the Association of Catholic Schools in Lebanon), Father George Dimas (Rector of Eduvation schools), Mr. Amin Daouk (President of the Makassed Philanthropic Association), Dr. Mohammad Baker Fadllalah (President of Mabarrat Association), Mrs. Salwa Seniora Baasiri (Director General of the Rafiq Hariri Association) and others.


Following the lunch, Mr. Bannayan and Mr. Shamlawi were accompanied by Dr. Nabil Costa where around 40 schools principals, heads of divisions and teachers learned about the QRTA and what are the different possibilities it has developed since it was founded in 2009. They also were given detailed information as to how join the upcoming #TSF2018 on 2, 3, and 4 March, 2018. The speakers emphasized that the value of this training is that it is only about practical information through 128 workshops. Partipants were from three Hariri High Schools, Eduvation Schools Network, Al Moustafa Schools, Evangelical schools in Rabieh, Tripoli, and Saida, Eastwood College, as well as Beirut Baptist School