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Dr. Roger Dagher

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N.E.I.G.B. believes that all students are born with unlimited abilities and the school’s role is to nurture these abilities towards technological and academic excellence, social interest, as well as sound physical and psychological well being.

To this end, N.E.I.G.B. acts as a catalyst that installs in its students the genuine ability to deal with change in a world where the only constant is change.

Brief History

N.E.I.G.B. is the union of two pioneer schools in the area: Sidon Evangelical School for Girls (SESG) and (GERARD) Institute (a boys’ school).

1862: SESG was founded in Old Sidon.
SESG taught home economics, sewing and childcare.

1881: GERARD was founded by Rev. William King Eddy & Dr. George Ford, again in Old Sidon.
GERARD offered technical training in: carpentry, blacksmithing, sewing, shoemaking and building.

1953: The Lebanese curriculum was set by the Ministry of Education and the two schools abode by it, retaining child care and home economics in SESG and introducing only the commerce program in GERARD.

1986: The two schools were combined to become N.E.I.G.B.

1997: Jean Daoud became the principal.
He introduced:
– The High School program.
– The Vocational Program: T.S. & L.T. in special Education.
– Special education program (NCLB).
– Happiness Center.
– Transformed school Hierarchy from patriarchal to democratic.