The Administrative Board of the Evangelical Schools Association held a meeting on March 3, 2020, in the presence of all principals of Evangelical schools across Lebanon. The meeting was devoted to deliberation of academic possibilities in light of the measures taken by the Ministry of Education to limit the spread of the Corona virus, with specific focus on closing schools.
The Association affirms the commitment of its schools to the highest standards of prevention and hygiene by adopting all the means imposed for the safety of students and all concerned members of the educational body, administrators and workers. It also affirms its commitment to the directives of the Ministries of Education and Health on providing a safe and sterile environment for learners while taking all necessary precautions.
The meeting also discussed the decision to suspend compulsory lessons on prescribed programs and the readiness of students to take public and intermediate certification exams in the event that forced interruption continues due to the preventive measures announced by the Ministry of Education. This decision directly and negatively affects the schools that adopt the IB and IG program and Bac Francais because they adhere to the dates of the examinations set by international institutions and find themselves forced to end their programs in proportion to the dates announced in April and May.
In light of these developments, the meeting discussed some ideas that may contribute to providing fair conditions for school children in general, and for students of certificates classes in particular in terms of their readiness for the exams announced in the month of June of this school year. Accordingly, the Association will put their proposals in the hands of the Ministry of Education in an attempt to avoid the challenges arising from these exceptional circumstances that our dear country is going through.
The research also touches on the topic of the North, where educational institutions in the North and Tripoli in particular must be given special attention in light of the challenges that have persisted since October 17. These schools were only able to work for a period of 75 days out of 165 days achieved last academic year.

In conclusion, the association decided to keep its meetings open to follow developments and coordinate with the Union of Private Educational Institutions and all concerned to provide the best conditions for our beloved students. We are certain that His Excellency the Minister of Education and all concerned will make the necessary decisions for the benefit of the students. We also emphasize putting ourselves at the Ministry’s disposal for assistance and advice.